How to write week 1 discussion board post

We all have to do them, but not all of us like them; discussion board post. Discussion boards are a staple for any online class, it makes up for all that wonderful in-class interactions that online students are missing out. Nevertheless, the forum has not always been used as it was intended.  This is because most students do not understand how to operate a discussion board and what to post in a discussion forum.

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Discussion posts are due every week and they have come to be known as weekly discussion board post. Week one discussion posts are some of the most interesting and a must learn for everyone. While, it is easy to find information on how to write a successful discussion post, there is not much available information on how to write week one post.

You know it is a beginning of a new course when you are asked to write week 1 introduction post. As the name suggest, week 1 discussion board is meant to be an introduction for a particular class. More importantly, wk one post acts as an orientation for a given class. The course instructor uses week one post to give an overview of the upcoming week. On the other hand, students use week one post to introduce themselves to their classmates. They share information on; who they are, what they do, their academic journey, their academic objectives etc. In addition, week 1 discussion post enables to meet your course instructor for the class, know his/ her expectations and have a clue on how he expects you to perform.

What is week 1 introductory post?

Week one introductory post is the first discussion post that you write at the beginning of an online class. It is meant to act as an orientation for the new class. Through this introductory post, you are able to meet with your classmates, exchange some ideas, and know a little bit about them.

What & how to write in week 1 discussion post

Unlike the second and subsequent discussion posts, week one posts are will have a personal approach. First, you are required to introduce yourself to your classmates. Here you may give some information about yourself. This may include personal bio, family information, your educational background, your hobbies, future career prospects etc.

The second important item to mention in week 1 discussion is your plans for the current course. Here you should indicate your past courses and how they relate with the current course. In addition, you should highlight your preparedness to handle the current course.

In some courses, week 1 discussion might have some specific questions for you to answer. These questions act as a guide to help you cover all the required elements.

While writing a response for the week one discussion post, you should maintain professionalism beside the need to personalize your post.

Is week 1 discussion graded?

Generally, week 1 discussion is not graded.  However, some courses or some schools do grade week 1 discussion based on a grading rubric.

While there is no right or wrong answer in most of week 1 discussion board posts, you are required to follow the grading rubric in order to achieve full marks.

Should I use APA Formatting or any other in week 1 post?

In most cases, week 1 post is written from a personal perspective and therefore may not need any citations and formatting. For example, most of week 1 post comprises of your personal bio and information. In such case, you do not need to use nay citations. However, some discussion posts may require that you use APA referencing and citations. When writing a discussion post, you are required to cite any borrowed ideas and information. Basically, citations and referencing is a way of giving credit to the original author of an idea. If you use any information, facts, or data from any third party or resources, you are required to cite the source. APA citations are commonly used in most courses and discussion posts.

Can I use first person here

When writing your week 1 discussion board post, you are allowed to use first-person pronouns such as I, my, me etc. This is because most week one discussion posts are a personal reflection. Therefore, it is perfectly right to write your first discussion post in narrative format.

How to write week 1 discussion post

Writing week 1 discussion post should not be as difficult as the title suggest. Week one discussion board post should be the easiest one to write. Here are some basic steps to follow in order to write a successful introductory discussion board post.

  1. Read and understand the prompt
  2. Read the rubric, ensure that you understand all the requirements
  3. Brainstorm, and jot down your ideas
  4. Write an outline and countercheck it with the prompt and rubric
  5. Start writing / expanding on your initial outline
  6. Write an introduction: Introduce yourself to the class, give you names, a brief bio, and any other relevant information
  7. Write the body: The body consist of your responses to main discussion questions or prompt
  8. Conclude your post: This part includes your final thoughts on the discussion questions, your ending statements, and questions to the audience.

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