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We all have to do them but no one like them. They are blackboard or canvas discussion board post. Blackboard discussion board posts are a staple for any online class. Honestly speaking online class discussion forums are more annoying than hard. We are all limited in one way or another and if writing a discussion board post for an online class is not your thing, then you have come to the right place.  We are a professional assignment writing company and we can handle all your “do my discussion post for me” requests. Alternatively, if you are thinking… I need someone to  “write my discussion post” or “write my blackboard discussion post”, then this is the best place to hire a discussion post writer online.

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An ideal discussion board post should respond directly to the discussion questions or prompt. In addition, it should be 2-3 paragraphs long, include relevant examples, incorporate weekly or course learning materials through appropriate referencing and citations.

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Unique content

Like any other essay or assignments, discussion posts need to be unique and written according to the discussion questions. You should hire our professional discussion post writers because; they have the right experience and professionalism to write excellent posts for you. If you order a discussion board post online at AllEssayServices, you are assured of original plagiarism free content.

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Unlike other class assignments, discussion board posts have a short window within which you can post and respond to your peers. Usually, you should post your initial post within 3 days and peer responses should be posted within 1 week. We understand the need for urgency and therefore we have a rapid response team to help you deal with urgent discussion board post. If you searched for “write my discussion board post in 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours”, then we have you covered. Our online discussion board post writers can write your initial discussion post within 3 hours. With their extensive experience and training, they can reply to discussion board post questions in hours too.

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The main goal of writing discussion board post is to encourage interaction between students and professor. To earn all the points, you need a coherent, interesting and a well argued discussion post. With our discussion post writing service, you are assured of getting a post that meets all the requirements.

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Are you there and wondering “can somebody answer my discussion post questions for me” or “can I get answers to my discussion questions”? If yes, then you have made the right choice. Our discussion post writing help service, delivers perfectly written posts that answers all discussion questions, meet all rubric requirements, have the right amount of words and citations and are based on weekly readings and announcements.

Follow-up post

To get all the points in a weekly discussion board assignment, you have to be active throughout the week. This includes actively reading and replying to other students’ posts as well as follow-up posts from the professor. If you don’t have enough time or you are not sure on how to go about in a discussion board forum, we are here for you. We do response and follow-up posts on your behalf.

Weekly discussion board post

Can you “Do my weekly discussion board for me” Or can “do my discussion post for this week”? Yes we can do weekly discussion board posts for you. Our discussion board writing service allows you to choose your preferred writer. As Such, you can have your favorite writer do all your weekly discussion board posts for you. Better still, you can have the same writer participate in a discussion board forum on your behalf. To get this service, you need not say “participate in a discussion board forum on my behalf”; simply order a discussion board post online from our service.

Our Online discussion board Post Writers Reviews

Online Discussion board in and outs

Discussion board posts are a great way through which an online course instructor can measure student’s participation and level of understanding on course materials. Ideally, a blackboard or a canvas discussion board allows you to demonstrate your understanding of the week’s learning or lesson. In addition, a discussion is meant to show critical thoughts about course materials and readings.

Getting Started: How to write a discussion board post

Discussion board posts are easy to write but can be difficult if you don’t have the right skills. The first step into writing a successful discussion board is:

  1. Read and understand the discussion prompt/ questions
  2. Review course week’s learning resources
  3. Brainstorm to find new/ unique ideas to include in your post
  4. Develop an outline for your post
  5. Write the post.

A good discussion board post should be

  • written in a professional tone
  • Be free from grammatical errors
  • Fully respond to discussion questions
  • Critically analyzes the discussion questions
  • Present new and unique ideas
  • Provide supporting materials through referencing and citations
  • Avoid repeating or copying other student’s posts

How to respond to discussion board post: Basic tips

In an online discussion board forum, peer responses allow students to exchange their thoughts and ideas about the discussion question. A good response should critically analyze the peer’s post in context of the discussion questions and week’s readings. It should extend the other students post by suggesting areas of possible improvements, identifying weakness in the student’s arguments and recommending improvements. In addition, a good response should be collaborative rather than confrontational. They should be written in a calm tone too.

Not sure how to go about writing a discussion board post? Just say Do my discussion board post for me. We shall help you out

Tips of how to write a discussion post reply

  • Should be in context of the discussion question
  • Should not simply agree or disagree with the student
  • Should expand on other student’s thoughts and ideas.
  • Should disagree respectfully


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